Reference Group

Reference group in Sweden
Per Carlsson, PhD, Docent in marine biology at Lund University
Ebbe Nordell, representative from the regional clean tech business networks Sustainable Business Hub in Skåne
Susanne Ekendahl, researcher on cultivation of algae, SP Technical research Institute of Sweden
Maria Greger, toxicologist and phytoremediation expert, Department of Botany, Stockholm University
Hanna-Mari Pekkarinen Rieppo, marine biologist from the County administration board of Skåne, working with water strategy issues (water and marine directive)
Emma Risén, PhD Student on Life cycle Analysis, Royal Institute of Technology - Stockholm 

Reference group in Poland

Krystyna Grabowska, member of city Council Municipality of Sopot, 2007-2010

Krzysztof Kido, member of city Council Municipality of Słupsk, 2006-2010, 2010-2014