The overall aim of the WAB project is to establish a full-scale nutrient reduction cycle based on a holistic approach to extract nutrients from the sea. This is achieved by combining the reconstruction of wetlands, the collection of algae from shores and the utilization of the biomass for biogas production.

The WAB project also aims to:

  • improve recreational values of the coastal area, and in the long term the regional economy.
  • stimulate biodiversity
  • decrease nutrient leakage from farmlands through the harvesting of wetlands.
  • make shallow coastal waters available for juvenile fish and other important organisms.
  • remove phosphorus and nitrogen from the Baltic Sea and recycle it to arable land
The WAB project has several goals which will help to achieve the overall aim. These include:
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Education
  • Spread of information
  • Research into algae occurrence
  • Creating information databases